Dear Potential Client,

I will work for you on a per-period basis (monthly/weekly), and it includes a set amount of hours that I reserve for you, the client.

For example: I work as a VA for you, and you want to reserve my services for 20 hours a month. Your retainer is then set up to be billed monthly at the fixed price of 20 hours x $20/hr (my hourly rate). No matter how many hours I work (as long as it’s less than the allotted hours), I will be paid that fixed amount of $400 every month.

What if more hours are needed over the amount of hours in the retainer? Good question.

Normally this is discussed individually with you, the client, but I will let you know before I have hit my reserved amount of hours for you, and ask if you’d like me to continue on and have you just bill for additional hours.

Thank you,

Emily Hester