Emily Hester VA Contract



The undersigned parties agree to abide by the provisions set forth below: _______________________________ (the “Virtual Assistant”) will provide services related to ________________________ via electronic transmission, and will strictly adhere to directives outlined by _____________________________ (“the Client”).


This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of the work to be performed under the Virtual Assistant Contract. The Client agrees to provide a list of task requests no fewer than fourteen (14) days prior to their execution. These tasks may require ________________________.


The Client will compensate the Virtual Assistant with an hourly rate of $______. The Client agrees to pay his/her virtual assistant this money via _____________, in accordance with a schedule detailed in the attached payment schedule. A late fee will be imposed for any payments received after their due date, at an amount equal to 5% of the outstanding balance.


Hours worked: [______] per week. This schedule may change based on individual workload and job duties assigned by the Client (in which case additional compensation may be negotiated). [NOTE: it is essential that the program/schedule of services is clearly defined and documented]


The Virtual Assistant’s availability to the Client is _______________. In order to be deemed “available,” the Virtual Assistant must reply __________ minutes after being contacted by the Client, unless previously arranged otherwise with the Client.


The Virtual Assistant will be on vacation from ____________ to ____________. In the event this time overlaps with Client work hours, the Virtual Assistant must notify and discuss with the Client at least ___ days prior to said vacation, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. The Virtual Assistant will not access computer or email outside of ___-hour blocks specified in attached schedule during normal working hours.


In the event of termination, Client must provide __________ days notice unless previously arranged otherwise. In the event that employment is terminated early due to inadequate performance as determined solely by the Client, a partial payment for completed services may be withheld and the Virtual Assistant will be required to complete said work adequately before any remaining payment is issued. The Virtual Assistant will be paid upon completion of agreed-upon duties at an hourly rate of $_____.


The Virtual Assistant will not disclose anything said or done during this project to any third party without the Client’s express approval. The Virtual Assistant may not share or publish in any form anything about this project (including but not limited to personal journal, portfolio, interviews with other parties, etc.) unless the Client has given written consent.


All work performed by the Virtual Assistant on behalf of the Client shall be considered as “work-for-hire” and shall belong solely and exclusively to the Client, including but not limited to any copyrights or other intellectual property rights that may exist. This includes ownership of all files, documents, data, materials or other information comprising a part of this Agreement. The Virtual Assistant hereby irrevocably grants to the Client full right and permission to reproduce, copy, publish and distribute said information or material in any way deemed fit by the Client without obtaining further approval from the Virtual Assistant.


In the event there is a dispute or disagreement between the Client and the Virtual Assistant, both parties will attempt to resolve any conflict through discussion and negotiations. If no agreement can be reached within [2] business days of the date on which notice of dispute is received by either party, then said dispute shall be escalated to an arbitrator for final determination.


The Client and the Virtual Assistant agree to be bound by this Agreement and all subsequent amendments. Each party accepts the terms of this Agreement freely, voluntarily, and without duress or coercion by the other party or any third party. The parties further agree that this Agreement shall be effective upon the date of electronic execution.




Emily Hester’s initials: